Never Give Away Equity Again

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The Revenue-Backed Line of Credit

Non-Dilutive capital in exchange for 1-2% revenue share. Repay anytime. Capital has never been easier to obtain.

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Revenue-Backed Line of Credit from​


Equity Free Capital

Flexible Repayments

Keep Full Control

How it Works

Leverage your Revenues

The World’s First “Revenue-Backed Line of Credit”.  Companies raise capital in exchange for a share of revenue

Flexible Repayments

Repay all or portions of the principal anytime.  eyfy takes a small share of your monthly revenues until repaid

Growth Capital
on Your Terms

Equity Free. Collateral Free. Leverage your Revenues and scale your business

Jump Start your Growth

Alternative Access to Capital

eyfy provides high-growth, revenue generating companies access to capital in return for 1% – 2% share of revenues – versus as high as 14% from other Revenue Based Financing platforms

Dilution Free. Interest Free.

Unlike Venture Capital, you can leverage your existing revenues to raise capital without giving away equity. Structured like a Line of Credit you can repay anytime


Revenue share payments fluctuate with your revenues. Unlike loan payments where payments are fixed, if your income drops, payments drop.

Scale Faster

eyfy can provide a growth boost to help push a company’s valuation before equity financing rounds

Growth Capital in Return for
1-2% Revenue Share

Like a Line of Credit, Repay the Loan Anytime

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Equity Financing

Cost of Capital


Use eyfy For...

Growth Fuel

Finance new product development or marketing efforts

Increased Valuation

Scale faster between funding rounds and get a higher valuation

Extend Cash Runway

Leveraging revenues can provide extra cash to get the company through the next milestone

Marketing Capital

Finance advertising or other large purchases without debt or cash depletion

Profitability Bridge

Push operations forward during a critical period of growth

Debt Free Capital

Alternative to traditional bank loans with no personal guarantees, interest or fixed payments

Who We Work With


Best suited for Consumer and B2B SaaS (software as a service), tech services, and similar companies.


We work with companies generating annual recurring revenues (ARR) of at least $200K


Available to companies located in the US and Canada.


Financing through eyfy is best suited for Consumer and B2B SaaS (software as a service), tech services, and similar companies. At this time we are unable to provide capital to other industries. To receive financing, your business must meet our eligibility requirements.

We work with companies with strong management teams in operation for more than 2 years, with a minimum Annual Recurring Revenues (ARR) of $200,000. Refer to our help page on Financing Requirements for complete eligibility requirements.

We’re currently offering $25k-$500k in growth capital to qualified companies. You can qualify for financing of up to 20% of your Annual Recurring Revenues (ARR). For example, if you are on track for $1M in sales this year, we can invest up to $200k.
Financing from eyfy can be used for almost any aspect of your business. Prior to engaging we ask for a brief description of what the funds will be used for. We’re here to help you grow your business, and only you know what the best way to do that is!
Anytime you are ready! Companies can pay down all, or part of the principal without penalty anytime. Revenue sharing is pro-rated based on the amount of principal owing; for example, if you pay down 50% of the principal, you also reduce revenue sharing by 50%.
The entire process (application, approval, and final funding) can be completed in as little as five business days. The eyfy team will keep in close contact with you throughout the process.

Never Give Away Equity Again

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